So generally, I don’t share lots of my own private life however I feel this piece of my life could be a teaching experience for a problem I see with many of my clients.  So, this past year I had lost three of my personal dogs due to old age illnesses and unexpected cancer.  That being said I decided it was time to add a puppy (or two) back into my life.

It also so happened that there were two litters of puppies that I had the ability to pick from.  However, I tell my clients never to get two puppies at the same time as there is a condition called Sibling Syndrome.  This condition is where puppies bond so closely to each other that they do not interact with humans, they can have very ferocious fights as they age, the follower puppy can become so depended on the leader puppy that they literally are unable to survive without the other dog and so on.  I have attached an article on Sibling Syndrome that has lots more information.  I knew it was out there and I have seen time and time again the bad effects it has on the puppies I personally have worked with.  I knew if I wanted both puppies, I was going to have to have someone help me raise them as I personally would not have the time it took to have both of them in my house.  So, a great friend of mine said she would help me raise one of the puppies until it was time for that puppy to come live with me.

So, pictured below are the two new pack members Power (Black) and Cheetah (Brown)…both are whippets and they are now 14 weeks and 11weeks old. Cheetah is living with a friend and will come back to live with me permanently once they are closer to 6-9 months of age and I feel they are able to be independent thinking dogs that are bonded to people.

I never suggest getting two puppies of the same age (or very close in age) unless you are able to take the steps necessary to make sure they become confident, independent, and bonded with their owners.  If you are thinking about getting two puppies at the same time please do your research or contact me to find out more information.

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