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Benefits of Group Classes

Benefits of Group Classes For many of those who do not know what group classes entail here is a brief overview however for most people group classes are a very familiar thing. Group classes are generally set up for puppies in one class and adult dogs in another.  This allows for proper socialization of [...]

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Socialization What does socialization mean for you and your dog? Socialization (Per the dictionary) “a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.” Young Puppies Everyone socializes their puppy for the most part.  What is the first [...]

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Stop The 77

Todays post is one that comes from my last lesson today but I actually see on a regular basis. And the topic tonight is families with kids and dogs and managing both. One of my most common complaints in households with this dynamic is that the dogs are nipping, mouthing or biting the children. [...]

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Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

With winter coming and the cold days ahead here are some indoor activities that can help burn some energy and keep your dogs happy. Experiment With Inside Games There are lots of games that can be played inside the key is to vary the games you play. The other thing I suggest is regularly rotating [...]

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Join Us September 12th for Woofstock Companion Walk!

Join Prodigy Pups Dog Training on September 12th at Wilson Park for the Woofstock Comanion walk hosted by the Tri-County Humane Society. There will be fun games where you can win prizes, dogs to see and pet, and lots more to do. There will be a short demo of some of my dogs as [...]

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Indoor Games

Rain Rain Go Away!! After days of rain and more on the way many dogs may be going a little stir crazy in the house. This post will be about the many things you can do in the house to help release some of that pent up energy. There are many types of indoor [...]

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Wine, Kibble and Bids

Look for Prodigy Pups Donations to the Wine Kibbles and Bids event being held to help raise funds for the Tri-County Humane Society. There are three gift boxes that have everything from dog bowls, toys, collars, treats, and the most important thing gift certificates for dog training or dog daycare days. Serving the [...]

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Potty Training Tips

Spring is officially here although the weather recently has not been that way. Many of you may have recently gotten a puppy like I have. Some may or may not be having issues with potty training. Here are some helpful hints when potty training a puppy. First is I always kennel train my puppies. [...]

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