German Shepherd Off Leash Training


Raven was your typical young German Shepherd when I met her. She loved people, a little too much, and would jump all over them, pulled on a leash, wouldn’t come when called if distracted, and used her body size to bump around the kids at times.  Raven came to me for a board and train where we worked on obedience, overall manners, and more importantly overall state of mind not only around her family but around others as well.

Here is what Raven’s owners had to say…

“I find great joy in knowing that we are on the right track. And am very appreciative of you getting us started.”

“She is off leash and out of the fence. This is such a great feeling knowing I can now control the beast. Thank you so much. Confidence boost for myself as well.  You do great work!”

“Hello!  Ray just had an outside of the fence ball & off leash heel session with me. I am still beaming! She is doing so well, thank you again. Earlier today our off leash session was interrupted by another dog off leash running the neighborhood, I was able to keep my cool and call Raven back into the fence. Thanks again so incredibly much!”

“Brought Ray to the softball game tonight. She was a ROCKSTAR! A bit anxious but nothing we couldn’t manage. She even was approached by a handful of random kids and all asked to pet her, she kept her cool. I am just beaming!!! Thank you again so much!!!”