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Here is Stacey and her families story of a cute little mini dachshund named Thome that had started to run and rule their lives.  After some changes, everyone in the household, including Thome, are living happily ever after.

“I found Prodigy Pups Dog Training online after doing some research looking for someone to help our dachshund.   He had some dog aggression and didn’t listen when you asked him to do anything.  I was a self-employed work from home mom.  Thome was used to a life of luxury and having no rules and boundaries while I was busy working.  After a few times of him snapping at myself and our daughters because he did not want to comply or be moved I knew it was time to find some help.”

Stacey contacted me and we discussed the options from private lessons to board and train programs.

“We decided on a board and train with Christa to help teach some basic obedience and for him to start listening to us. We also wanted her to work with his dog aggression that he had since pretty much birth.”

The benefit for dogs like Thome, that not only have some obedience issues but also having some dog aggression issues, is in a board and train programs their ability to work with my personal dogs regularly and work through some of their problems.  Thome had a number incidences (attacks) with other dogs and his owners before coming into the program.   By the end he could co-exist with other dogs and now comes back on a regular basis to stay acquainted with other dogs, but in a good way.  There were some new things once Thome went home and this is what Stacy noted…

“We noticed a big difference in his compliance and he started to listen to us when we ask something of him.  Christa taught us how to put boundaries and rules for him to follow inside and outside the house.  One of my biggest goals was to be able to have him off leash when we were outside and not having the concerns of him running away and not listening when called. His recall is always going to be an ongoing lesson for he is a very stubborn and strong-willed miniature dachshund, however my goal was met and he is able to be outside unleashed.”

No longer tied down Thome gained freedom with his new obedience and listening skills.  The biggest thing that Stacey and the family noted was something that every person that is out there working with their dog should know.  Dog are not robots and will need continued work and they will not be perfect.

“I think the biggest thing we have gotten out of the experience is it is still an ongoing experience.   With the building blocks that we have received we can continue to work with Thome if anything new ever comes up.”

Family member holding dog
Family photo of Thome's Family