Puzzle Toys for Dogs

So as I stated in the previous article Puzzle Toys are toys that you usually put food or treats in and the dogs has to figure out how to get the items out of the toy.  These toys are great for having the dog work mentally to figure out the puzzle.

I use these types of toys A LOT with dogs that are very busy, can’t seem to settle, or just might be a very active breed.  The most common mistake I see with these types of dogs is that people just try to exercise them until they are tired.  I am going to tell you this does not work!!!  The more you exercise a dog the more endurance they build up and pretty soon you have a marathon runner on your hands.

Instead these dogs need to have some physical activity BUT they also need mental activity.  This mental activity can come in the form of training in general, trick training, dog sports like Nosework and Puzzle Toys.

Puzzle Toys (all these links are from Chewy.com)

Some of these come in larger sizes and technically you could buy the larger ones for the big dogs.  Because most of these are food based toys when I have puppies I will actually put one whole meal of food in these and make them work for it.  There are many more puzzle toys on the market just look for ones that are for your size of dog and what types of toys your dog likes.  I just google “Puzzle Toys Dogs” and you should get lots of other options.







Other Toys (Again from Chewy)

Some of them are cat toys however for small dogs they would probably enjoy them.  The other toys come in large sizes and could also be bought for the big dogs if wanted.  These links are just starters to what other toys you could find.  Although not puzzle toys directly I thought this would be good for some of you guys with very small dogs to see what I was talking about in the last article.