Success Story Oreo Pitbull mix laying on dog bed
Pitbull Mix Oreo Sleeping on dog bed


Oreo was your typical 6 month old puppy with jumping, puppy nipping, running around and not listening, as well as playing a mean game of catch me if you can.  The owners had gotten Oreo from a rescue a few weeks before I came to see them.  Even at the first meeting I could tell Oreo was wearing on them and there where some legit concerns about if she could be around their grandkids without knocking them over.  Oreo was friendly, outgoing, over excitable and had no manners.  Having come from rescue and having been bounced around a bit Oreo needed some structure, rules and boundaries as well as learning some new obedience skills.  This is what Oreo’s mom had to say after doing private lessons with Prodigy Pups.

“My husband and I adopted a pitbull mix rescue dog.  However, she did have a number of behavior issues.  After visiting with our Vet, she suggested calling Prodigy Pups.  It was the best call we ever made.  After visiting with Christa, we discussed the issues we were having and how she could help us.  We have had a number of sessions with her and our dog, Oreo, has become the most wonderful pet.  Christa helped to train the dog and helped us with what we needed to do to have Oreo be the best she could be.  If anyone needs help with their dog, of any age, I would highly recommend Prodigy Pups.  We consider Christa our Miracle Worker.”